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TypeScript on JVM

What’s tyrian

Tyrian is aimed to compile TypeScript to runnable code on JVM (and also web browser). You can program the server-side in TypeScript while using libraries from Maven and NPM together.

To make it clear, I’d like to quote from sparkjava.com:

Lately, a lot of server-side web development has been taken over by NodeJS, but a growing number of NodeJS developers are using TypeScript and other statically typed languages that compile to JavaScript. Why not go all the way and use a language that was actually designed with types, and intended to run on the server-side? You also get all the benefits of running your application on the JVM, where libraries aren’t deprecated every day.

Here is what tyrian can offer: you can have TypeScript for the server-side (like deno) and run it on the JVM.

Getting Started

Let’s build a simple HTTP service, which returns colorful text.

  1. Install tyrian.

     npm install -g tyrian

    Make sure you have npm and gradle installed as well. Moreover, you should download and extract one of the following JDK:

    • OpenJDK == 11
    • GraalVM >= 20 (Java 11 based)
  2. Initialize an empty project.

     mkdir /tmp/app
     cd /tmp/app
     tyrian init

    You can find .env, package.json and tsconfig.json created under the current directory. Then modify dependencies and mvnDependencies in package.json.

       "dependencies": {
         "ansi-styles": "^5.1.0"
       "mvnDependencies": {
         "org.rapidoid:rapidoid-http-server": "5.5.5"
  3. Create main.ts.

     import { green } from "ansi-styles"
     const { App, On } = org.rapidoid.setup
     java.lang.Thread.sleep(3600 * 1000)
  4. Build and run

     tyrian build main.ts
     tyrian run main.js

    You can test it in the command line.