Full-featured TypeScript on JVM

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1. Setup your environment

2. Command line interface

You can view the usage of all commands as follow.

tyrian help init        # initialize a project
tyrian help install     # install dependencies in package.json
tyrian help build       # build entry files such as main.ts
tyrian help run         # run the build output such as main.js

3. mvnDependencies

You must specify the exact version for each Maven dependency in package.json. Versions like ^1.2.3, ~1.2.3 and 1.2.x are NOT allowed.

  "mvnDependencies": {
    "com.github.ben-manes.caffeine:caffeine": "3.0.1", // Good
    "com.google.code.gson:gson": "^2.7"                // Bad

4. Import Java classes

Here are some examples.

const { Files, Paths } = java.nio.file
const HttpURLConnection = java.net.HttpURLConnection

type Raven = com.getsentry.raven.Raven
const raven: Raven = RavenFactory.ravenInstance("DSN")

5. Runtime comparison

Runtime Graal.js Nashorn
Node.js official API Yes No
Java multi-threading No Yes
Run with inspector Yes No
Documentation Link Link

6. Limitations